Pleasure first!


Pleasure first! Dunbee has been designed to maximise your driving excitement: 2 wheel drive, extra light, maximum torque, excellent weight balance and extra long suspension travel.


Built to last! Because when you come to race, you don't want to waste your time due to a mechanical failure. Dunbee is strong ... and intelligent. Example: the suspension arms are reversible and designed to glide on the sand.



During Dakar 2015, Dunbee was amongst the 3 most photographed cars of the whole race. In summary: with Dunbee you will never be considered a "big car - small dick - asshole" ... All visuals from the prototype. Dunbee is now delivered with a carbon bodywork.


On demand, we take care of everything from home-to-home, just bring your own gear and smile: • Individual cross country driving & race strategy coaching • Organisation of your journey • Pre & post race logistics • Global technical assistance with a shared provision of Dunbee’s spare parts • Maintenance • After sales service & parts • Storage • Rent of your Dunbee on your behalf



Dunbee's business model is based on cost collectivization: everything is standardized, many parts such as the engine are genuine VW parts and the car itself has been designed to minimize the maintenance costs. But let's make it clear: car racing is expensive and we won't pay to let you have fun with our cars 😉

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